In the Know…

Hello everyone!  The Lost Clipper crew truly appreciates the weeks, months and years you’ve been following us in one form or another.  The more eyes that see our efforts, the better the chance to spread the word about what we’re trying to do.

It’s been a while since we’ve published all of our social media links in one single place, including our NEW Instagram page, so here you go:

gmail or




instagram  www.instagram/lostclipper



We’d appreciate the favor of subscribing, liking, engaging, and sharing our blog entries and social media posts. By doing this, it is a way to give positive feedback or to connect with this Lost Clipper subject we all care about; a wordless nod of support in a loud room to show solidarity and unity.  As my young kids say, “Sharing is caring!”

As always, we want and appreciate your feedback so that we can do the best job possible getting you news and updates on our research and findings to keep you “in the know.”

You help make us strong and keeping alive the memories of those we hope to find…

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