FEATURE: Bob Perry, Lost Clipper Cemetery Geophysics Specialist

Bob Perry, Lost Clipper Cemetery Geophysics of Topographix LLC, explains Ground Penetrating Radar and how it rules out false possibilities before an actual dig, drastically saving time and money.


Bob, like the other members of The Lost Clipper Crew, is an intrical part behind the search to uncover the true history of those 15 missing Americans lost in 1938.

Bob Perry of Topographix, LLC examines daily findings of scans taken onsite in Micronesia in search of The Lost Clipper


See more about Bob Perry and Topographix, LLC. via our previous post.

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  1. Robert Perry says:

    Thank you, Anna Marie, for posting your message. I try to spread the word about the lost clipper to anyone who I meet and will listen to me.

    BTW, I ended the day with four wedding rings (two silver and two gold – one gold had three small diamonds), one necklace with two silver pendants, and $8.52 in loose change.

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  2. Anna Marie Percuoco says:

    I enjoyed talking to you on Hampton Beach today, Bob. You make history fascinating!
    Anna Marie (Iowa)

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