Crowd Sourcing: We Can Use Your Help

Guy and the rest of the Lost Clipper team have been researching the disappearance of the NC14714 Hawaii Clipper for well over twenty years now. We’ve made great strides over the years, sometimes by leaps and bounds and other times in drabs and dribbles.

Times are tough these days on a worldwide scale. For you. For us. We have not been able to do deep dives into research nor conduct in-person interviews with experts and family members due to many, many worldwide restrictions.

This is where we can use your help…

First, we’re still here to listen to your stories. To investigate and research your leads. To accept and examine your old letters, your family photographs, and your film and audio recordings. The adage “If you see something, say something” applies in this case. The world is full of unknown and unpublished stories with people to tell them before they’re lost in time. Basements and attics are full of historical and priceless memorabilia that can help tell our story, with clues that might find our missing Americans.

It could only take one thing — a photo, a web link, or a story passed down through time — to help break this 80+-year-old cold case.

We’ve created a private folder for you to upload your media and documents files (crowd-sourcing). You will not have access to others’ uploads for privacy reasons, so need to worry. And you will NOT need dropbox to upload:

Secondly, please spread the word about what we’re doing. Hawaii Clipper family members of the missing passengers and crew talk about our mission at family reunions. Steve and Javier have incorporated the Lost Clipper story into their interviews and global presentations about their capture of Pablo Escobar. And we continue to post all across our @LostClipper social media platforms. We ask that you do the same on your social media; to simply share and “Like” our pages to others in your network. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn. #LostClipper

It might only take one clue to repatriate the missing

Lastly, and super importantly, we’re on the lookout for a special kind of contributor. A business, investor, group, or philanthropist with a generous nature and a true concern for helping repatriate these lost Americans to their waiting families back in the states. We’re in need of funds to go back to the island with cadaver dogs and professionals to retrieve DNA; not a cheap endeavor.

As always, our mission is to discover, secure and bring home the very first true missing American casualties of World War II, while also uncovering new evidence of what really happened over 80 years ago. 

Help us to bring home and return to their families those 15 MIA from pre-WWII days who were involved in the first air hijacking and murders of war. Help us. Help them.

As always, please feel free to post on our Public Forum or send us a private email with your imagery, documents, etc– or just to say hello… or

Together, we can solve this mystery. Thanks for your help and for spreading the word!

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