Weekly Clipper Clip #02

This week we bring to you Dr. Vernon Grose, a renowned author, professor, aerospace engineer, air disaster analyst, risk management expert, and former member of the National Transportation Safety Board.

Dr. Grose regularly appears on various news media programs, providing commentary pertaining to current events in relation to risk and analysis of aviation crashes, terrorist attacks, and major domestic and international disasters. He has given over 100 interviews on CNN, providing commentary as their Risk and Aviation Analyst. Overall, he appeared in over 300 interviews, providing analysis and reports current events and disasters, including the 1996 explosion of TWA Flight 800,  Air France Flight 447, Swissair Flight 111, Egyptair Flight 990, AIRES Colombia Flight 8250, Garuda Indonesia Flight 152, and the crash that killed John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his passengers.

Dr. Grose provides his insight into what happened on that fatefully day in 1938 when The Hawaii Clipper was lost.

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