New Weekly Clipper Clips, #01

Hello All!  Guy and I have been working the angles on the Lost Clipper documentary and, boy, do we have a lot in store for you!  We’ve teamed up with some heavy hitters in various industries to help us with our research and investigations.

I won’t let too much out of the bag today, but what I will ask you to do is watch for a weekly “Clipper Clip” to wet your appetite on what we’re working on, every Monday.

First up is our Truk Stop host, Mr. Bill Stinnett, former Hawaii Five-O Police Investigator and Truk Lagoon resident of over 20 years.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Art says:

    Where can the clips be viewed? Netflix? PBS? HBO? Ive read and reread this and there are no clues!


    1. Guy says:

      Hello Art, looks like a few comments fell through the cracks – my sincere apologies. No clips to show yet as we are planning our last trip back to the site where we believe the remains of the passengers and crew are located.


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