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Over the past fourteen years, I have sought to answer the nearly forgotten question of "What happened to the Hawaii Clipper?" Together with you, the readers of this blog, I intend to complete work on a book and documentary on the who, what, where, when and specifically why the Pan Am flying boat and its passengers & crew vanished. Thanks for your visit and I hope you will join and return to this blog often.


Looking (and finding) the greatest clue in the Mystery of the Hawaii Clipper

Thank you for keeping in touch with The Lost Clipper research effort.  Bill, Myron, Jeff, Tony and many, many others have been working on this project for over a decade now and we have achieved a new milestone in proving the bodies of fifteen Americans are indeed entombed under the remains of a concrete slab in the jungles of Truk Lagoon.

Jeff, Tony, Myron and Guy

Jeff, Tony, Myron and Guy


Guy and Bill

Guy and Bill


Alternate link to video:


Silicon Valley Company Develops Hoverboard

In case you missed it, here is an NBC affiliate news story of the new Hoverboard.  I personally think we are all witnessing one of the greatest technological leaps in innovative technology.  If you are a Star Wars fan, this makes the Landspeeder possible (well, maybe not on a dry lake bed  at the moment, but it COULD race down a highway with some tweaking of the road surface).


Good luck Greg, Jill and the Arx Pax team!

Real Hendo Hoverboard?

YES!  It’s true!  Finally, Back to the Future has arrived!  So what does that have to do with the Hawaii Clipper?  Plenty.  You see, last year, Arx Pax Founders Greg and Jill Henderson believed in the Hawaii Clipper video project enough that they put their own $$$ into my Kickstarter effort to fund our trip to Truk Lagoon.  As a huge thank you, we are supporting them to say thanks and wish them well on their efforts to bring high tech hovering technology to the USA and the world.   Check out their amazing story here:


Go Hendo!

Apra Harbor – Guam

Apra Harbor is a deep water port on the western side of the US territory of Guam. The southern end of the harbor is the location of Naval Base Guam and the site of where the massive China Clipper flying boats touched down and delivered their passengers and cargo.


Today most of Apra Harbor is controlled by the U.S. Navy, but some ports remain public such as Sasa Bay, the Piti Channel and parts of Glass Breakwater. In this area is where we found the remains of the facilities that once took care of the Pan Am Clippers.  A placard now stands in the ruins of the dock to which the Hawaii Clipper passengers and crew most possibly boarded the fateful leg between Guam and the Philippines.


The harbor is home to a couple shipwrecks that are popular with scuba divers with the most well known wreck being a World War I-era German merchant ship, SMS Cormoran, and the World War II-era Japanese freighter, Tokai Maru which lie side by side on the ocean floor.


I wish more of the Pan Am facilities remained but was first attacked by the Japanese Navy in 1941 and then completely destroyed by the US Navy when retaking the island.


The ‘Search’ for Lost Clipper Videos


Have you missed one of our past video’s on The Lost Clipper project?  Fear not!  Sit back and catch-up on the search through a series of short videos created over the past few years…


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Back in the USA

Hi everyone,

It has been a couple of weeks since we have been back and I am still combing though video, photos and data we acquired.  I know that some of you want a definitive answer on our search results but that will take much more time.  The reason is that although we found “the” slab, we did not find the rows and rows of remains we had hoped to locate.  As you may not know, the original slab that was allegedly poured over the passengers & crew of the Hawaii Clipper in 1938 was broken up by the land owner in 1983/84 and used as fill for a much larger but shallower slab of which a house now resides.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, this was no small attempt and after two days of digging, we nearly went 4-5 feet in nearly every part of the house.  YES, we found clothing.  Yes, we found material that COULD be bone or could be calcified coral.  I personally don’t want to take any chances and toss something aside as being nothing when it could be something.  So, the verdict is still out.  Jeff and I, with a HUGE help from Bill, Tony, Myron, Felix and Larry, accomplished what many thought was nearly impossible.

Over the next couple of months, we will being releasing our findings as well as videos of what we found and what still remains.  I cannot begin to thank each and every person who helped get us there with their prayers and financial support.. you are all excellent!   Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks and we share more about this very exciting journey.

Outside the Truk Stop Hotel


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