Fifteen Americans are unwittingly used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a secret mission to bring three million dollars in ransom to the Japanese Yakuza holding aviatrix Amelia Earhart

The disappearance of the Hawaii Clipper is one of the most mysterious stories few people have ever heard.  It involves innocent victims of the Japanese syndicate, spies, a US President, American war heroes, advanced aviation technology, millions of dollars in gold bank notes, and even Amelia Earhart.  This is the greatest unsolved yet unknown crime in America that could actually rewrite history and change the date the United States was attacked in World War II.

And we have the research, interviews and documentation to prove it…

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Exposing the secret mission to rescue Amelia Earhart

What if YOU were given the opportunity to not only BE a part of history, but to actually CHANGE history on a worldwide scale? 

This opportunity is not a dream but a reality…

Join The Lost Clipper’s Expedition 5 and become an exclusive member of an international family of researchers to discover, secure and bring home the very first true missing American casualties of World War II, while also uncovering new evidence about the coverup of what really happened to Amelia Earhart.

Aid us in bringing home and returning to their families those 15 MIA from pre-WWII days who were involved in the first air hijacking and murders of war. Help us. Help them.

Fifteen unwitting souls, some on a covert mission to deliver a ransom to exchange for Amelia Earhart, were the victims of the world’s very first mid-air hijacking by a government that had not yet declared war on the United States and it is our mission to bring their remains back to their families with the honor they rightfully deserve.  Successfully achieving this goal will solve one of aviation’s greatest mysteries of a vanished Pan Am China Clipper aircraft on an alleged secret mission to rescue aviatrix Amelia Earhart and bring her home to safety.

If you have the means, a very special opportunity to participate awaits you…

Contributors… please contact us privately at for details.

You Can Help Change History…

Rare is the occasion when history has been changed and proven wrong. The mystery of the LOST CLIPPER can definitively provide such an opportunity to actually re-write all history books ever written over these past 80+ years – a new start to World War II can be told.

Opportunity Highlights: A Great Story…

  • An important untold true story about an unsolved historical mystery is ready to begin production immediately.
  • The project is ripe for film, documentary, and/or network series development. Multi-platform revenue-generating opportunities
  • A significant amount of on-the-ground production has been completed; two decades of accumulated media assets, research, documentation, and interviews.

By a proven, talented team…

  • The driving force behind Expedition 5 is dedicated and experienced professionals with a passion to see this story come to life.
  • Team members are four-time Emmy award recipients for other outside historical projects.
  • The team is well-balanced in all aspects of the creative and business/financial process of film production
  • The lead investigators come with a combined 70 years of government service with a historical track record of finding their targets.

Your Team

This international research team will be entirely funded by supportive people such as you and led by recognized leaders in their particular fields – some of whom you may already know…

Steve Murphy & Javier Pena – Retired DEA Agents recognized for bringing down international Narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar.  You may have seen actors portray their story on the hugely successful Netflix television show NARCOS in which they investigate terrorism and murder on a grand scale. These two criminal mind experts are leading the charge to investigate the act of air piracy and terrorism against the Pan Am Clipper and solve this eighty+ year cold case.

Guy Noffsinger – Two-Time Emmy Award Winner and Retired US Navy Intelligence Officer who has researched the Lost Clipper and its relation to the suspicious disappearance of famed aviator Amelia Earhart in the vast Pacific Ocean.  After more than twenty years of persistent research and four previous explorations to very remote jungle islands, Guy has applied expert skills of analysis to narrow the specific area believed to be the final resting place of these 15 victims.   

Guy Noffsinger, Retired US Navy Intelligence Officer

James Janicki – Experienced at Search & Rescue and bringing additional skills as a Pilot, Celestial Navigator, Sailboat Skipper, Mountaineer, Professional Chemical Engineer, Amateur Radio Operator, and Search Dog Handler have resulted in the recent uncovering of strong evidence that we believe will make Expedition 5 successful at finding the DNA remains.  As a key member to solve this vexing mystery, Jim’s uncanny ability to analyze diverse types of information to recreate historical scenarios and to analyze technical information in the context of critical thinking has been paramount for securing criminal evidence. His expertise in search techniques, logistics, and expedition planning will be key to success and historical impact.

James Janicki with his search dog, Sadie

Dog Handlers – Internationally recognized for their expertise in finding human remains, two expert search teams will bring their dogs to a very remote jungle island to search a focused area where new evidence indicates the remains are buried.  Depending on conditions, these amazing animals have been known to find human scents from 100 feet underwater while sitting in a boat or even up to a half-mile away from their target because of their powerful and sensitive noses that are 44 times stronger than a human’s.

Dog teams are renowned for their ability to locate human remains that have been hidden for over a century and, for example, were used to find remains from the Donner Party Expedition in 1846.

Jim’s trained search dog, Sadie


Contact us directly at 310-386-0972 or for answers

Thank You

Thank you for your time and consideration. If our team can be of any assistance in answering your questions or if you would like to learn more about our endeavors to repatriate these 15 Americans and how you can help alter history, please do not hesitate to contact us directly or our representatives.

We are represented and backed by the highly respected United Talent Agency in New York City.

We look forward to working with you.











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