The Marine Air Terminal Memorializes Pan Am’s Historic Legacy

by The Pan Am Museum

The highly-anticipated new Boeing B-314 Model of the iconic “Yankee Clipper,” sister plane to The Hawaii Clipper, and three new bronze historical plaques at the Marine Air Terminal (MAT), LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in Queens, New York City were installed in October 2021. The legendary Clippers once came and went from the MAT, connecting America with places across the Atlantic long before air travel was an everyday event. The MAT is still in use today as an active terminal.

The MAT is now a “listed’” building on the records of New York State Landmarks Preservation Commission and the National Register of Historic Places. Opened in 1940, the MAT served as Pan Am’s North Atlantic Operations headquarters.

Pan Am “Yankee Clipper” Boeing B-314 Plaque
PAHF Artwork on Pan Am Boeing 314 Plaque s rsz

This plaque (1 of 3) commemorates the Boeing-314 flying boats, and provides information about these famous airplanes. The plaque also draws the visitor’s attention to the brand new B-314 “Yankee Clipper” model that is suspended in the center of the Rotunda.

British Pathé Newsreel “New Seaplane Base” recorded highlights of the MAT’s inaugural events on Opening Day, March 31, 1940, including the flight of Pan Am’s “Yankee Clipper”. 

Read more and enjoy additional photos and video clips on the Pan Am Museum webpage.


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