Pan Am PBS Documentary “Across The Pacific: Latin Laboratory” Pt. II

by Moreno/Lyons Productions in association with
The Pan Am Museum Foundation

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Air Tourism Begins in “Across The Pacific: Latin Laboratory”

The second episode of the new Pan Am documentary entitled “Latin Laboratory” is streaming on the website of Virginia Public Media, the “presenting” PBS station.

The third and last episode “Another Ocean” will be available online through PBS on June 5th.

ACROSS THE PACIFIC tells the story of a great milestone in aviation history: the 1935 crossing of the Pacific Ocean by a Pan American Airways flying boat known as the China Clipper. The documentary series recounts the development of this technological innovation – led by Pan Am’s chief executive Juan Trippe, pilot Charles Lindbergh, airplane engineer Igor Sikorsky and radio engineer Hugo Leuteritz – with dramatic re-enactments, interviews with historians and biographers, and archival photographs, newsreel clips and film.

ACROSS THE PACIFIC | American Public Television

After June 18, 2020 the series will be available for rent and/or sale via download through iTunes.

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  1. Doug says:

    Hi Jeff and Guy:

    Thanks for spreading the word about Across the Pacific. Please note that your post implies that the Pan Am Historical Foundation ( was assisted in its several-year cooperative effort with Moreno-Lyons Productions to produce the series by other organizations, such as the Pan Am Museum. This is not the case.

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    1. Thanks Doug! I’ve updated the posts. I think I originally grabbed pieces of the Pan Am Historical Foundation’s write-up on the documentary to post. Looking forward to posting Part III next week.

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