Pan Am PBS Documentary “Across the Pacific: Another Ocean” Pt. III

by Moreno/Lyons Productions in association with
The Pan Am Museum Foundation

The third and last episode of the new Pan Am documentary entitled “Another Ocean” is streaming on the website of Virginia Public Media, the “presenting” PBS station. (View here…)

Defying the skeptics, Pan Am builds an airway to Asia, allowing its airplanes to hopscotch across the world’s widest ocean by landing at five stepping stone islands: Hawaii, Midway, Wake Island, Guam and the Philippines. Air service from New York to London begins in 1939, completing a chain of airways encircling the globe.

If you missed it, you can also watch Episode 1 or 2 following these links:


After June 18, 2020 the series will be available for rent and/or sale via download through iTunes.

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