Sorry for the Delay…


A fond greeting to you all.

First let me apologize for the delay in keeping you all informed of my progress on the search and recovery of the passengers and crew of the missing Hawaii Clipper.  Rest assured it is not due to anything negative, actually, quite the opposite.  Over the past two months, I would say with 100% conviction that we have all turned a huge corner into answering many lingering questions many of you have posted here and in private.  While I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet, I will say that, three events are currently happening at the same time and should all culminate before the end of the year.  These three events are each huge in their own right and with all three combined, could add 50% more data, imagery, information and testimony of what, how and more importantly, why, the Hawaii Clipper vanished on Jul 29, 1938.

Again, thank you SO much for all your offers of information, photos, advice and even charity.  Each element when combined with all the previous research keeps the momentum forward and soon, I think VERY soon, an announcement could be made by early next spring.

Be well and stay tuned as more to come next week.


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  1. Seekler Diaries says:

    The new posting system at the bottom of your emails is a nice addition.


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