Greeting Jim Janicki to The Lost Clipper Team!

As followers of The Lost Clipper project over the years (specifically 20 years for us as of June 2019!), you’re well aware of the puzzle that the team is trying to decipher. Obviously, one part of that puzzle is the detective work that must be done to re-create the events and possibilities those 80+ years ago. Another piece of that detailed puzzle has been putting together a qualified team of subject matter experts across various fields that specialize in traits that can help further along our investigation. One such person we’ve recently welcomed to The Lost Clipper team will totally knock your socks off!  Of ALL the experts we have had the opportunity to share the Hawaii Clipper project with – none is more dedicated, enlightened or capable in solving this 80-year mystery.

Please meet Jim Janicki. He is a pilot; an accredited celestial navigator and skipper for sailboats up to 50 foot in length; a licensed amateur radio operator (Call sign WB3FMS); accredited for search & rescue and has his own trained search dog named Sadie; a registered Professional Engineer; and a whole lot of stuff that would take a much longer post to convey.  The long and short of it is, Jim is a big deal and will be the most creditable expert on this program adding authenticity backed as a certified professional with documented years of experience.

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As a Professional Engineer*, Jim comments:

“This means I can put PE after my name, and I am qualified to be a professional witness for engineering questions of fact. When I sign documents as “James Janicki, PE” I always have somebody ask me if that means Physical Education. Ugh!”

We’ve known and worked with Jim for six or seven years in other ventures and find him to be a blast to talk and learn things from. He’s going to bring a lot to the table and offers a different view and opinions on a wide variety of subjects as you’ll note from his before-mentioned background.

We’re very excited to welcome fellow teammate, Jim Janicki, to The Lost Clipper effort!

Jim (Center) discussing ideas with Jeff (L) and Guy (R).

*PE licensure is the engineering profession’s highest standard of competence, a symbol of achievement and assurance of quality.


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  1. carl peltzer says:

    welcome, wish I could do more.


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