The Lost Clipper Welcomes Epic Video/Photographer Ollie Dale to the Team


The Lost Clipper team is moving swiftly forward in our efforts to return to Micronesia in 1Q 2018. We’ve teamed with Award Winning Mr. Ollie Dale of Virtually Famous Productions out of Auckland, New Zealand and President at The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) to provide epic land and aerial video/photography with his Inspire 2 and Ronin Sony FS700 camera systems.

Ollie Dale
Ollie Dale of Virtually Famous Productions

Photos and Videos by Ollie Dale

I started my photographic career aboard a cruise ship in 2001. When I returned to New Zealand in 2003 I set myself up as a freelance photographer, and in 2005 started my company, PhotoNZ Ltd.

In 2008 I joined the NZ Institute of Professional Photography, was the Chairman of the Auckland region in 2009-10, and on the Honours Council from 2010-15.

In that time I achieved the level of Fellow of the NZIPP, and have judged at the Professional Photography Awards in NZ (Iris) and Australia (APPA).

My Clients over the years have included many household names, the largest of which are Mazda, Microsoft, Vodafone, Flight Centre and the Auckland Airport.

I now work 2 days a week at the Auckland Airport, creating photo and video content for their social channels and for all sorts of corporate communications.

The Name

The original “Virtually Famous” was a title for a small documentary I created in 2012, all about how social media was changing the landscape for photographers, and everyone.

I interviewed a number of people who influenced me and asked them about how they used Social Media to grow their brands, interact with followers and become virtually famous.

Olie’s work with the renowned photographer, Trey Ratcliff, and his eye to capture “the epic” will only enhance the story that needs to be told on the Lost Clipper Project.


Ollie’s other work:


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  1. Back to Truk diving in February 2018… first there in 1973 and was there every year for at least two weeks for the next ten years….
    All best,


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    1. Best diving in the world, and most interesting with all the historical wrecks just under the surface. Be sure to see Bill at The Truk Stop and say hello from the rest of the Lost Clipper crew!


      1. Was one of the first to dive there years ago… check out my site at

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      2. Do you shoot video? We can use some good underwater Truk area wreckages for the doc.


  2. James T. Lee, MD says:

    Nice set of photos under the “Research” category here — but the correct word in the caption for a color photo of Guy on Truk would have been “elusive”. Not “allusive”. The hunt has been for the still ELUSIVE data that will confirm or refute Guy’s theory of crew bodies being buried in concrete foundation. We need better grammar and better proofing of what you post. A wealthy donor might have been turned off by this, who knows.


    1. Thanks for your keen eye, Dr. Lee. I’ve made the correction to the post.


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