Here’s Where You Come In (Part 2)…

Hello Again!

As you recall from yesterday’s poll, we’re making an effort to improve your experience with The Lost Clipper website, blog, and social media pages including facebook, twitter and our youtube channel. We hope you can take a moment to answer a few questions about your experience here on the blog.  As you’ll note, we recently changed the look of the site in an effort to make it more enticing and easier to navigate and browse past articles.

Here’s where you come in… let us know as specifically as you can about where we can improve the site, what you like or dislike about it, as well as your suggestions. (And please take yesterday’s short poll on what you like about the site.)

Stay tuned for a lot of changes coming very soon with The Lost Clipper site.  Please feel included on the site with feedback available at the bottom of every article not to mention The Forum Page.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions!  Every single comment and piece of feedback will be taken into consideration and current ratings will be posted as soon as you finish taking the poll.


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