Malaysia Airlines Still Missing and No Oil Link


So now what? Just like the Pan Am Clipper, Oil was found and it too had no connection to the missing flying boat. Bohr aircraft seem to vanish leaving behind no debris or trace. The pilots did not indicate any problem to the tower, and no distress signal was issued, as happened to the Hawaii Clipper claiming rain static in the telegraph. Malaysian military officials cite radar data as suggesting the plane might have changed course and turned back toward Kuala Lumpur before it vanished. But the pilots didn’t tell air traffic control that they were doing so. And at this point, we don’t know why the plane would have turned around.

Who are the people using the stolen passports and do they have any connection to the plane’s disappearance. The director general of the Malaysian civil aviation department, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, said Monday that the men who traveled on the stolen passports “are not Asian-looking men,” citing security footage from the airport. But authorities have so far declined to disclose any other details from the investigation into their identities. This to me is strikingly similar to one scenario that was present when the Hawaii Clipper also vanished into thin air.

This is almost Déjà Vu


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  1. Guy; Sir,
    Thank YOU again for your great work and heartfelt feelings about the modern mystery and the Hawaii/Hawaiian Clipper of old. I found the video tape I mentioned and it is about the Samoa Clipper that was lost at sea with 7-crew. My heart was/is in the right place; but, I had the wrong plane – although still very interesting. I have always been interested in flying boats; especially the United States Navy Martin Mars. Thank YOU again for your hard, diligent work and I appreciate keeping in touch.


    1. Guy says:

      Hi Johhny, yanks for reaching out. Did the program mention anything about sabotage?


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