Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Lost at Sea

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Lost at Sea

As everyone else in the world feels, my hope and prayers go with the passengers,
crew and families of the people aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. It had not
occurred to me until I saw the below photo of the striking and eerie similarities
between this tragic event, and the same tragedy that befell flight 229 of Pan Am
Airways Flight in which it too was lost at sea and the only, I emphasize
the ONLY item of interest located, was an oil slick. Time later proved the
oil slick was not from the missing flying boat but that of a ship.


Now, as many others across the country once did in July and August 1938, we
wait. A fleet of ships and aircraft are departing their home fields and ports
to join in a coordinated sea and air search for anything else that may help lead to a
downed aircraft and, more importantly, an answer.


So we wait for anything to cling to as an explanation, a theory, a hope. We
collectively stand by for the worst words anyone will ever hear, “We’re very
sorry, but they are gone.”

I offer my sincere condolences to those affected by this awful tragedy.


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  1. Jamie says:

    I immediately thought of AF 447 and the Hawaii Clipper. If the 777 when down at sea, the wreckage should turn up in a few months. Max depth is 240 ft. That’s my guess. If it went down in the jungle it might take longer. If it’s down on Land the beacon should be easy go locate but so far nothing. Since there are no radar traces below 37k ft makes me suspect explosive decompression. What may have caused such an event remains only one if many mysteries. Interesting that there’s be no desirable terrorist “chatter”.


  2. Guy says:

    Reblogged this on The Lost Clipper and commented:

    Sorry for the earlier post, it has been updated.


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