Pearl Harbor Memorial

Pearl Harbor Memorial

Today we mark the attack at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th, 1941. I offer a moment of silence to remember the souls of men and women who were lost for no fault of their own. A war was given the breath of life months earlier in Japan and it became a reality in the most and destructive surprise attack ever delivered on the United States (not counting the attack on September 11, which was done by a bunch of cowards who took aim at innocent civilians including children). Many of us alive today were not present during the “day of infamy,” however, those of us who are remembering this terrible event, should take the time to reflect on the 2,403 deaths that happened that day (68 civilian and 2335 military). To the veterans and the others that helped save and protect the Americans that survived, thank you. We all wish you a salute and a blessing for your service and sacrifice.

68 There were 2403 total American deaths, 68 civilians and 2335 military

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