Mark Anderson Walker pt. II

Mark Anderson Walker pt. II

Mark A. Walker is shown here stepping up and out of the cockpit of a Pan Am Sikorsky S-42 flying boat sometime in 1936/37. I am including this image for a few reasons today to share the sheer joy I have in receiving it.

For a very long time, any sort of imagery of this truly amazing individual was rare due to the fact only a small handful of images of him survived the 70+ years since he vanished with his fellow crew and passengers aboard flight 229. Yet seemingly out of the blue, a miracle of sorts happened,and a person that I will keep nameless for the time being reached out to me and shared the most intimate stories of Mark and the effect his loss had upon the Walker family. And, if that was not a huge addition to my search for information, they gave me even more rare photos of him, some, never before seen until this very day.

I will share a few with you to show how this website is indeed a successful and growing collaboration of people directly and indirectly affected a mysterious tragedy that perhaps, we will all solve together. Please keep your stories, information and photos coming in and I will do my best to share them.  As for the S-42, here are a few photos of this game-changing aircraft.

S42_CUTAWAY Sikorsky_S42

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