Adventurers Hope to Solve Enduring Aviation Mystery

by Jeff Riegel | Chris Wadsworth | Ashburn Magazine

Some of The Lost Clipper team local to Baltimore/Washington DC recently got together over lunch and spent almost 4 hours speaking with Ashburn Magazine’s editor, Chris Wadsworth, about the historic story of the Lost (Hawaii) Clipper and our continued efforts to repatriate those lost souls in the future.

It was great to reconnect with each other over a meal after this Covid pandemic. The meeting gave us the chance to tell our story to Chris, have an impromptu photo session for the magazine article, and rejuvenate our dedication to the project. On top of that, it happened to be Steve Murphy’s birthday and relocation party… just another way to celebrate!

Chris Wadsworth’s story is beautiful and concisely tells about The Hunt for The Lost Clipper (if you’re a first-timer here). We can’t thank him and his staff enough for devoting the time to hear about this amazing story. Chris has even been gracious enough to give our website a once-over for formatting and organizational help.

Please read the article, pages 28-32.

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