Son of Juan Trippe Passes Away

(Published in The New York Times on Feb. 5, 2017)
“Charlie,” 81 years young, died peacefully but reluctantly at home in Westport Point, MA on January 29, 2017 in the company of his family. He was a perpetrator of wild schemes, energetic and hardworking, an enthusiastic family sailor, a lover of golf, skiing, and football, and a loyal and generous family man. He was the devoted son of the late Juan and Betty Trippe. He is survived by his beloved and devoted wife of 57 years Pamela Reid Trippe, sons Charles Trippe Jr. (Stanieta Williams), James Trippe, Elizabeth Trippe (Greg Barr), Carrie Trippe (Scott Duryea) and his eight grandchildren.

His successful executive business career began at Intercontinental Hotels living and traveling around the world before joining Pan Am in New York for 17 years. He enjoyed being a board member at The Westport Land Conservation Trust and The Pan Am Historical Foundation.

Charles’ father, Juan Trippe, was a founder of Pan American World Airways, and under his direction, the airline became the first to fly across the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, the first to put American-made jets into commercial use and the first to order the Boeing 747. Juan Trippe and some friends from Yale started a charter service and sightseeing company on Long Island in 1923 with a handful of surplus World War I Navy planes. He went on, four years later, to lead in the creation of Pan Am.

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