Weekly Clipper Clip #18: The Gold Nugget

Our last ‘Weekly Clipper Clip’ ends with Steven Murphy, Lead Investigator in the search for The Lost Clipper, who reminds us all that at the end of the day, it all comes down to helping the families of those lost souls to find their final resting place on U.S. soil.

Steve Murphy worked in Miami for four years, much of it undercover, before the DEA transferred him to Bogota, Colombia. At the time, Colombia was known as the center point for the world’s drug trade and a very dangerous place for DEA agents, where some had $300,000 price tags on their heads.

At the helm of Colombia’s drug trafficking monopoly was Pablo Escobar, head of the dangerous Medellín Cartel. Rich—he had an estimated net worth of $30 billion—and brazen, Escobar used terror to influence Colombian politics towards a no-extradition clause and to grant amnesty to drug barons in exchange for giving up the drug trade. His terror campaign claimed the lives of politicians, civil servants, journalists and ordinary citizens.  More…



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