Weekly Clipper Clip #17: Secrets

Does it all come down to secrets and lies?  Is that the main reason the M-130 Hawaii Clipper was hijacked? Javier Pena, Lead Investigator, talks about what may have been the early seeds of World War II.

Peña’s early work for the DEA came as the international cocaine trade had begun to explode. In 1988, Pena volunteered for a new post in Bogota, Colombia, where, along with agent Steve Murphy, he was charged with investigating the Medellin Cartel, the world’s largest cocaine dealer, and its leader, Pablo Escobar. Rich and brazen, Escobar held an iron grip on the drug trade and Colombia. His personal wealth was estimate to be close to $30 billion, much of it coming from the fifteen tons of cocaine he exported to the United States every week.  More…


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