Is it? Could it? What do you think?

You may think I’m seeing something just because I want to, or perhaps my vision is starting to fail, or maybe that I could be just a bit crazy.  So how about helping my tired eyes look over the following images and “see” if you can “see” what I’m “seeing.”

Weather Map.jpgThe photo above is from a May 1938 Popular Mechanics Magazine article entitled “How Flying Clippers Dodge Storms.”  In it are several images depicting a Pan Am Airways flying boat crew working with small weather balloons, radio equipment and reviewing weather charts prior to departing for a flight over the Pacific Ocean.  I was glad to see an nice image of the Hawaii Clipper but was intrigued as something familiar caught my eye.   More a someone rather than something and this is where you come into play.

The above four images are of a young professional with exceptional piloting and navigation skills.  His Name is Mark Walker and was second in command of the Hawaii Clipper on flight 229.  As you look over the photos you will see that he had very specific facial features and was a handsome fellow.  Now, thinking about the very first image in this blog, do you happen to see any resemblance to Mark?  I “think” I see him in the group photo standing and second from the left without his pilots cover on.

Mark Walker?

It may just be me but the timing sure works.  May 1938 is certainly a time frame Mark was living in San Francisco and he was very fond of both meteorology and photography.  “Bub” as he was affectionately known, worked may hours in his basement dark room processing photos he had taken of cloud formations for magazines such as Life and Fortune.

Ensign Walker2

In the above photo, Ensign Walker certainly bears an uncanny resemblance to the inset photo and since the timing and interests match up, I have a feeling or at least a hope, that Mark was indeed in the Popular Mechanics article.   Incidentally, in the researching for this article I was able to locate the apartment that Mark lived in near Telegraph Hill.  Today his place is selling for $967, 795.00 and here are some photos:

While the inside has changed, his is the view remains the same.

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  1. Guy says:

    Additionally, take a look at the part of his hair and how his forehead is framed in the photo of him in the white shirt and in the inset photo– seemingly identical.


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