“Say Hello To My Little Friend”


Ok, Ok, I am NO Tony Montana from Scarface but I DO have a really sweet new tool to use in the search for the Hawaii Clipper. Meet the newest addition to the Lost Clipper Team: The DJI Osmo! This compact yet very flexible camera is a tool that will give us the much needed filming stability in a robust form factor for shooting in compact places that would prohibit the use of a tripod. As a bonus; it shoots in 4K and can be used to film stable time lapses and other creative filmmaking techniques that will help us not only tell the story of the search for the missing flying boat but also the story of the people working hard to solve the mystery.



The DJI Osmo is a new camera tool in the arsenal of a well known UAV (drone) company that decided to create their own camera platform instead of relying on the ubiquitous GoPro Hero series. Our GoPro Hero 3 and 4 have been solid work horses over three past visits to Truk Lagoon, and now with the addition of the Osmo, we can finally have the stability of a 4k drone camera in our hands. On our most recent trip, we used another stabilized camera gimbal (two in fact) and both failed. Can you say total Rip Off?? These were both $400 each so it was a hard lesson is learning that you get what you pay for. Fortunately, they both lasted just long enough to help get the imagery needed to tell the story from interesting locations. DJI is a Chinese company known thought out the UAV Camera World as makers of the Phantom 2, Phantom 3, the Inspire 1 (also in our inventory for the next mission) and the video production workhorse Ronin. If you would like to see their very cool and highly interesting gadgets, click here: DJI

Inside the OSMO Case
Inside the OSMO Case

The main reason I am using my blog to share this new investment in specialized equipment is to make you aware of how serious the mission to locate, secure and repatriate the missing Americans is to me and my fellow researchers. This stuff is paid for 100% out of my pocket and no one else. If I am willing to put my own $$$ into the effort, then it is mine to use and loose (hopefully not). And it happens… but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make in order to make the best ever attempt at solving this seventy seven year old mystery.

A closer look at how the Osmo is held secure within its DJI case
A closer look at how the Osmo is held secure within its DJI case

Again, thanks for checking in, thanks for spreading the word, and thanks for all your messages and information about Pan am Airways and the clipper saga. Without you and your assistance, we would not be nearly as far as we are.

Until the next sunrise on Truk Lagoon, thank you.

Let’s Do It!


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