Looking (and finding) the greatest clue in the Mystery of the Hawaii Clipper

Thank you for keeping in touch with The Lost Clipper research effort.  Bill, Myron, Jeff, Tony and many, many others have been working on this project for over a decade now and we have achieved a new milestone in proving the bodies of fifteen Americans are indeed entombed under the remains of a concrete slab in the jungles of Truk Lagoon.

Jeff, Tony, Myron and Guy
Jeff, Tony, Myron and Guy


Guy and Bill
Guy and Bill


Alternate link to video:  http://vimeo.com/111812714



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  1. Maxim Jago says:

    Wish I had been there with you. This looks beautiful!

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  2. Video worked fine for me. Ran a little over 2 minutes.

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  3. James T. Lee MD says:

    Video would not totally load here. And, No it’s not my computer, which downloads stuff all day long without problems. I saw about half of your video ‘teaser’ and would really like to know what I missed.


    1. Guy says:

      Thanks Curt for checking. I also opened it in two different browsers (Safari and Firefox) and both played without issues. James, it could be your video card or RAM. I would try rebooting and see if that helps.




    2. Guy says:

      Hi James– sorry to hear of your load time. Perhaps give this link a try:



  4. tbocklund says:

    Awesome Guy. Keep digging my friend.

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    1. tbocklund says:

      Terri Bocklund is my wife Guy. Did not realize I was in her account. This is Curt Kowalski.

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  5. Tony Johnson says:

    That was a great video clip, very well done.

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