First Day Just Wrapped…

And we found remnants of an old Japanese medical facility under the newer slab. The good news is that I am certain we are in the correct location because of numerous factors. The bad news, the old Japanese slab has been demolished (probably in the early 1980″s) to use as filler material for a larger slab.

Among the old foundation debris are signs of medical flooring, medicine bottles and other similar things but no human remains. We will return once again tomorrow morning with picks and more shovels (no longer need jackhammer) to go even deeper into the soil. Wish us luck!!


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  1. James T. Lee, MD says:

    “Absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence”. Take plenty of samples of all the various debris, soils, etc. and bring back to mainland USA for sophisticated analytical attack. Of course, you have already thought of this ! Good luck.

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