FoxTV: Spreading the Word

Guy Noffsinger
Guy Noffsinger

Spreading the word about The Lost Clipper via Fox 5 in Washington DC before the next trip to Japan, Guam and Truk later this week.

“You are about to meet a man who is working on a documentary, but he doesn’t know how it ends. It’s the story of the first plane ever hijacked. There were 15 Americans on board. As FOX 5’s Beth Parker shows us, he is on a mission to solve a mystery…”


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  1. Maxim Jago says:

    This is great! Especially the Indiana Jones visual.


  2. Maxim Jago says:

    Love it – especially the Indiana Jones reference!


  3. Tony Johnson says:

    Great work Guy.  I sent the link to several of my friends along with the link to the SPOT adventure page so they can track us. 


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