Today is the 76th Anniversary


On a summer day, perhaps much like today, flight #229 disappeared high over the Pacific Ocean.  It was July 29th (the 28th in the US) halfway between Guam and the Philippine islands when all communications abruptly stopped in what may have been a minor rain squall.  The communications between the radio station in Sumay and the Hawaii Clipper were fairly routine up to the point of the mighty ships’ vanishing.


What happened to the most high-tech commercial airliner in the world and those people aboard it?  Was it a structural failure?  Did the flying boat crash due to poor weather? Was pilot error a factor or did something far more sinister such as the worlds first aerial hijacking take place?   These and other questions may soon be answered as we journey to the remote islands of Micronesia for our third and final exploration and explore new clues as to what really happened to the famed China Clipper class aircraft.  Stay tuned as we leave in three weeks!

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