Update #1 – The Lost Clipper Documentary Project

Hello everyone,

If you are reading this, then you too have more than just a passing interest in a really good story, but also the noble cause of bringing home 15 Americans lost in the South Pacific. Part of this project is an attempt at filling in all the missing historical blanks and then determine the best way to prove a legend is real or not real. The plan is to do all this while the cameras are rolling and capture whatever truth emerges. It is our hope that the previous interviews, research, maps and other efforts will give us the best chance ever to finally locate the alleged slab of concrete that still entombs the remains of these people.

Just recently, an advance team lead by Larry McLean, went to Micronesia to re-establish relationships with land owners, conduct a scout of targeted locations, share archived photos to local help and hire a team to begin a grid search of the suspect island. Larry has just departed Truk Lagoon however the search is still under way and we are getting frequent updates. This is where you, the supporters, are critical. All these efforts bear some cost and without your pledges, will quickly end. Thank you for whatever you can pledge and also for spreading the word. You are the most important part of this project at this phase and we need every single one to join in the effort.

A huge collective thanks from the team and we are looking forward to keeping you up to date.

Until Update #2, please consider giving a little if you haven’t, sharing a little information with your friends and together we all will change history.  Please kick in at Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clipper/the-lost-clipper/dashboard





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  1. Doug Miller says:

    Hello Guy:

    Have you seen the memo from a meeting at the Chrysler Bldg in NYC in 1938, regarding discussion about likely cause for loss of NC14714? We found it in the Richter Library’s PA archive. Feel free to email: panamweb@gmail.com


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