Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Fourteen Days Overdue

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Fourteen Days Overdue

Will we ever know what happened to Flight MH370? Whether the most recent floating objects spotted are from the missing flight are related is still being determined, however most experts believe the debris may have sunk by now. However, even if they do find floating debris, the process of determining whether they’re from the missing flight could still be lengthy.

According to Steve Wallace, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s former director of accident investigation, the odds of finding anything get worse as the days proceed onward. But pieces of lightweight debris, such as life jackets and seat cushions, can float for weeks after an aircraft strikes the water, he said. Many I have personally interviewed about the none-debris field of the Hawaii Clipper have said the same thing; that the ocean is vast and the aircraft was small (in comparison). But in the Pan Am’s case, I feel that the length of time over the past several decades would have revealed some debris washing up on some distant shore if there had actually been a crash. I am still inclined to believe the Hawaii Clipper did not crash, much the same some believe MH370 didn’t either and that it is possibly (however remote) on the ground someplace in Pakistan or elsewhere after being hijacked by some of her crew. Who knows. I think however that at this day in age the odds are now better at piecing together the mystery than they were in 1938. Stay tuned!

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  1. James T. Lee, MD says:

    Why do you mention Pakistan ?


    1. Guy says:

      I mention it because retired General Tom Mcinerney has been quoted in quite a few online blogs and the media that the aircraft had the range to “even reach a Taliban controlled airport in Pakistan.” I think this theory is extremely far fetched however it, right up there with a black hole vortex, has been tossed about and showed how many theories abound.


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