Getting ready for round III


Here is a very short montage of video I took on my last visit to Micronesia. As you can see, this effort had a lot of moving parts and many people making those parts work as smooth as possible. I could not take on an effort of this magnitude all by myself so my dear friends there in the islands get a huge amount of thanks and respect from me. Together, I am hopeful this next trip will solve the mystery of the Hawaii Clipper and bring those 15 American back home to rest in peace.


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  1. Guy says:

    Fantastic and thanks Johnny. Only friends like you, helping lay the foundation one stone at a time, will this mystery ever be solved. Thanks for your help.


    1. You are welcome; and, I am really pulling for you in this fantastic endeavor.


      1. Guy says:

        You are very kind


  2. Friends,
    Somewhere on vhs video tape I have a MovieTone News clip about this very sea/aircraft. I thought it mentioned seven (7) crew members. I have not done any research in a while about this. It has always interested me and I feel for the lost and their families and friends. The MovieTone news article may have been about another aircraft; I just am not sure. I have to find that somewhere around here. The site and work is fantastic. Thank YOU.
    Johnny G


    1. Guy says:

      Hi Johnny, I would love to get a DVD or digital file sometime if you think it has any reference to the Hawaii Clipper. Thanks!


      1. Sir Guy, Hi there. I sure hope I have not misrepresented what I have on video. I live in a 35 foot RV and have lots of things in storage. I will work hard to find it as soon as possible. I am one each Sergeant First Class, United States Army, Retired – since 1981 and am 73 YOA for just a little background. Thanks for writing. Johnny


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