Thanks Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum!

I am tipping my hat today to the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum today for their top-notch support for the Hawaii Clipper effort.  I had the pleasure of learning more about the production of the M-130 only yards from where it all happened and was given copies of some of the best preserved images I have come across in the past decade.


Thank you gentlemen for your efforts, your passion and your kindness.  Anyone reading this who happens to be near Baltimore should spend a little while and visit “tucked-away” treasure.  It has the distinction of being the oldest airport in the world (yes, it’s true)  and the home of the worlds first commuter airline.

On the left you see the Hawaii Clipper: X14714 during her early sea / air worthiness trials at the Martin Baltimore plant on November 30th, 1934.  Interestingly for me, this was also the birthdate of my late father so it adds an interesting connection for me.   Look foreword to even more upcoming imagery that was literally rescued from garbage dumpsters by the museum to come back to life on my blog.  This photo is posted with the permission of the museum and any other posting or copying of the image is forbidden without the express consent of the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum charity organization.

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