On the Ground in Truk Lagoon

As you will see in my photos over the coming months, Micronesia holds a lush jungle landscape on numerous islands and atolls.  The primary means for transportation are aboard open hull boats (they are like the  family car of the nation) or water taxis.  On the more developed islands such in Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk and Yap, cars and trucks will get you from point A to point B, but the roads can be in various states of repair and take some careful navigational maneuvers around massive pot holes.  A boat will most likely get you to your destination faster.  The ancestors of these islands were true navigational masters of the open Pacific so the boat culture is natural and will probably find your greatest amount of safety in moving around.  🙂

This Blue Marlin caught by my good friend Bill fed a lot of people for three days.  Nice work!

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  1. elisa guessford says:

    Guy, at DATELINE: September 20, 2011 you mention a book about FDR, would you mind disclosing the title of that book?


  2. Sure, the book is “For the President’s Eyes Only,” here is the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Presidents-Eyes-Only-Intelligence-Presidency/dp/0060921781

    Happy reading!! 🙂


  3. JOHN WEYER says:

    I just received an email stating that the lost Clipper was refueled in Japanese held Truk Lagoon and that the PAX and crew were arrested and executed and the Clipper was sunk in deep water. The purpose was to remove the new radial engines and send to Japan for examionation.


    1. Guy says:

      Thanks for the message John. I would love to have any details of what you heard if it was from any other place outside the Lost Clipper forum. We are always looking for missing puzzle pieces and who knows yours may be a keystone.




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