Indiana Jones Sat Here

by Indiana Jones Wiki

On a related note to The Hawaii Clipper, the sister plane China Clipper depicted in Raiders of the Lost Ark should be a Martin M-130 plane, but during the filming of the movie, the production crew discovered that there was a Short Solent Mark III flying boat undergoing restoration in Oakland. Short Solents were not actually made until the late 1940s, however Raiders takes place in 1936. Using matte paintings and compositie photography, the unseaworthy plane was made to look like it was being boarded in the water.[1] Epitomizing the glamour of the golden age of flight, the Pan American China Clipper took Indy to Manila en route to Marion’s Bar in Nepal.

Raiders of the Lost Ark film set (above) versus the real thing (below)

The practical Short Solent Mark III flying boat sits on display at the Oakland Aviation Museum in California, and visitors can enter it.[2] Read more here

The Short Solent 3 flying boat at the Oakland Aviation Museum. This legendary seaplane doubled as the China Clipper in Raiders of the Lost Ark, circa 1981.
Raiders of the Lost Ark: Flight To The Nepal scene.

For the flying shots during Raiders of the Lost Ark, a model was used. See a variety of real and movie set photos, here.


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