Chasing Earhart: A Conversation with Expedition 5 (Podcast)

by Chasing Earhart

“In my mind she was working for the United States; that’s why I feel so strongly that she deserves a medal. She died in the service of her country.”

The Lost Clipper Expedition 5 team was recently interviewed by Chris Williamson, Project Director of the well known podcast, Chasing Earhart. Chris and Vanessa were gracious enough to spend time with us and to share the podcast with our followers, to spread the word about what Expedition 5 hopes to accomplish with your help. (please share!)…

“We’ve reached the final time that we’ll be discussing theory on this podcast. It’s been a long road, but we wanted to wrap with fresh faces, new ideas and a twist on this story that you’ll never see coming. If you’re familiar with this podcast or with Vanished Amelia Earhart, you’ve likely heard of the Hawaii Clipper, but you might know its fate. And no one listening would ever know that its fate is tied in with the woman we’ve been discussing for 79 episodes of our show.

We go out on a bang on this, the “go home” episode of Chasing Earhart, we’re joined by Guy Noffsinger, Jeff Riegel, and Jim Janicki of Expedition 5 to discuss the Lost Clipper and the search to find its 15-member passengers and crew and why that flight was in fact on a rescue mission to bring back none other than Amelia Earhart.”

Listen to the Chasing Earhart podcast here.


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